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Iccrea BancaImpresa 30/03/2015 - Co-arranger per l'esordio in borsa di un minibond da 15 milioni

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Iccrea Holding 26/10/2014 - Iccrea Holding Passes The ECB Stress Test

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Iccrea BancaImpresa 09/10/2014 - Enrico Duranti nominato Presidente di Leaseurope

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What we offer
Iccrea Banking Group activities are organized into 3 business areas:
Institutional, Corporate e Retail
Servicing BCC-CR
Through their activities all Group companies assist BCC needs, that are banks strongly bound to the territory and, because of this, strongly supporting people who live and work in it.
Credito Cooperativo
Italian Cooperative Credit Banks (Credito Cooperativo) are structured in a national system focused on two main areas: association and entrepreneurship.
The BCC Network
Every Banca di Credito Cooperativo and Cassa Rurale has kept strong and deep ties with their territory, interweaving their history to that of the local community.
Iccrea Banking Group structure
The current set-up of Iccrea Banking Group dates back to 1995, with the establishment of Iccrea Holding, the holding the majority equities in the companies that joined Iccrea Group
The new image
The key shape of the Iccrea Banking Group image is the tangram, ancient Chinese game consisting of geometric figures derived by the decomposition of a square.
Iccrea Holding
As Parent Company, Iccrea Holding coordinates Iccrea Banking Group Companies in order to offer an integrated supply system.


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